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Elemental Music. Local Utah Band.

Elemental is a Utah band with influences from Cocteau Twins, Wolfgang Press, Dead Can Dance, His Name is Alive, Muse, Interpol. Signed to Edens Watchtower Records in 2008 they have an upcoming album scheduled for release in July of 08 called Down to the Wire.
The Elemental story: 3 guys in a basement. actually 3 basements. Singer/guitarist John Fogg had returned to civilization after a several-year jaunt to the creative black hole of Cedar City, and began inviting people over to jam in his basement. Many cool people responded, including drummer Scott Gustaveson, and for convenience purposes the jam sessions moved to Scott's basement. Many more cool people revolved through these jams until bassist Jeff Caron joined the fray, and the music moved to its present resting place in Jeff's basement. By that time the jams had become songwriting sessions, and the band's sound had emerged and evolved into its present state. The time had come to find a name. After much ninja combat and several WWE-style cage matches, the band still remained nameless. Countless monikers made the semifinal name lists, only to be crushed hopelessly and helplessly in the fierce competition for the final slot. Honorable mentions for top contenders: Eunuchorn, PWN, MildDirection, and Apparition H. After slaying all challengers with the sword of 'we're tired of fighting about this name thing,' the Elemental was selected and crowned with the honor of representing the band. From that day hence, the Elemental has brought its signature unpigeonhole-able sound to shows across the world, and beyond....
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Elemental is always looking for opportunities to play a show. For booking information send us a message from our flash site or contact us through our MySpace page.